For the past few months, John Kasich’s campaign has been running deceitful ads trying to convince his supporters that a donation to John Kasich in 2014 can be used for a tax credit on 2013 tax filings.

This is a lie.

The ads look something like this:


The implication is obvious: give me some cash now, and you can take it off your taxes on April 15th (today).

Ohio law clearly states that only money donated in 2013 can be used for a deduction in 2014.   But that hasn’t stopped Kasich from running the ads suggesting otherwise.

He even has a YouTube video of himself making the same false claims:


Last December (still 2013), conservatives attacked Ed FitzGerald for running ads about the same tax break for political donations.

At least Ed provided accurate information.

We look forward to the heavy criticism John Kasich will receive from Ohio’s newspapers for lying about Ohio tax law.  We also look forward to an apology from the Kasich campaign for trying to deceive voters.

But we won’t be holding our breath for either one.