In the heated moments following President Obama’s announcement  that the Affordable Care Act had surpassed its goal, a panicky John Boehner reportedly  called in his inner circle to  create a caustic response.  They agreed on cherry picking a 94-year-old recluse in Idaho who had enrolled 63 times in Obamacare because he was told he would be rewarded with a year’s supply of  shotgun shells. Although some of his advisors doubted that many people would believe the story,  the Speaker said it would at least do until the House voted again to repeal the law.

  • carrieee4

    Ok now with this one I laughed so hard tears ran down my leg!!!!! How stupid are they? ah Ok I think I know.

  • NoVestedInterest

    Just saw first ad for Boehner on local (Cincinnati) TV today. It was full of constituent endorsements. Not sure what that is all about- this early in election cycle and little opposition, a far as I know.

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