Ohio sits — once again – at the center of America’s abortion wars.

This time, the death of a 22-year-old woman is the spark that ignited the war, and her tragic death has given Operation Rescue an opening to do what it does so well:  Lie and incite violence, including murder.

Operation Rescue has announced it will take part in a Tuesday press conference to discuss the death of Lakisha Wilson, who died over the weekend just days after being transported from an abortion clinic to the hospital. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office has not determined the cause of death but Operation Rescue has reached this conclusion without the benefit of an autopsy:  “…. There is no doubt that her death was caused by the late-term abortion she received on March 21, 2014.’’

As the issue develops, those who oppose abortion rights will use it to try and further their goals. But as journalists cover it, and opinion leaders weigh in on it, abortion-rights supporters urge them to not lose sight of these facts:

Ms. Wilson’s family deserves to grieve and to know the cause of her death.

Abortion remains legal and is safer than childbirth. You can read the statistics by clicking here:

Operation Rescue’s old-fashioned paper Wanted Posters that featured abortion providers lead to the murder of five, law-abiding doctors. Read about their online version by clicking here.

A story in The Plain Dealer about the rally quotes Cheryl Sullenger, identified as Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser. She also is a woman who landed in prison for attempting to bomb a clinic. Her husband also was convicted. You can read about them here

Operation Rescue said one of the rally speakers will be Denise Leopold, who heads the North East Ohio chapter of Right to Life. During testimony before a legislative panel, she said pregnant women have no rights. Her comments can be seen here.