A new memo has surfaced, shedding some disturbing light on the ongoing battle pitting local law enforcement and county sheriffs against Governor Kasich and his hand-picked leadership at the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Highway Patrol.

According to the memo, sent by Highway Patrol Lieutenant Mark Leach on December 31st, 2013, “The Highway Patrol will no longer redirect service calls to any Sheriffs Office.”  “If the Division receives a call for service and has no units available to handle the call then a neighboring post will be dispatched to handle the incident,” writes Leach in the memo.  He also indicates this is a  “division wide directive.”

Leach is the commander of Post 59 in Mt. Gilead.  The memo was sent to “Post 59 Supervisors”.

Post 59, shown on the map below, covers all of Morrow and Knox County.   The closest post, in Mansfield, is 20 minutes away.   If this policy was actually implemented and followed, response times for accidents or other incidents could end up being extremely and unnecessarily long.


Disagreements between county Sheriffs and the patrol’s leadership under Kasich have intensified in recent months.

In January, Republican Sheriff Toby Spencer of Darke County wrote a letter to Kasich’s Director of Public Safety, John Born, expressing concerns over an anti-drug program that would bring troopers from the Ohio Highway Patrol into high school classrooms.  “The state of Ohio and Gov. Kasich have steadily ripped away the funding from local governments, only to boast and boost the antics of state agencies, such as your recent initiative to infiltrate our school systems with a drug prevention program,” Spencer wrote.

Spencer’s criticisms are shared by many in county and local law enforcement who saw their own budgets slashed after Kasich cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to local governments, while Kasich and his public safety leaders have worked to maintain funding and expand the reach of the Highway Patrol.

A copy of the Mr. Gilead memo is included below.



  • john curry

    My question would be….”from whom did Lt. Leach receive this order or…did he take it upon himself to issue such an order that would inconvenience the public?” If the Governor is embarrassed over this then Lt. Leach will be the sacrificial lamb. If not, he will become the governor’s personal hero.The bottom line is…the public loses either way.

  • phil mcmahill

    When he says incidents, I don’t understand. The Ohio State HIGHWAY Patrol is just that. Traffic enforcement officers. On several occasions I have had troopers request assistance on paperwork due to them not being very verse with criminal paperwork. They are officers on the roadway or state property. It has come up several times my 27 years of the patrol attempting to be a state police and dismiss the sheriff’s as paper servers and court officers. Due to the patrol not having a post in every county, it would be near impossible to complete this task, but in the last 2-3 years, they had major pushes to accomplish this task. It is not a slap or put down to the individual troopers. I have several friends at the post, but citizens, if you ask for budget and spending, you might be surprised. I can say with great certainty we need to stick to our are of expertise. The Patrol is just that Highway Patrol and The Sheriff’s to keep the peace. By state law, the Sheriff is responsible to Keep the jail, service the courts of record of the county and respond to calls for assistance. I will be retiring in the near future and I would hope that this memo from Lt Leach would be scrutinized for content. With no disrespect to Lt Leach, but he has forgotten that his job is to serve the pubic to the best of his ability and that does not mean by failing to give service to the public in a timely no manner who responds. He is willing to sacrifice service for self service.

  • Andy

    Don’t get your plunderundies in a twist. You know this is nothing new. Many, many sheriffs have been operating with the same attitude toward the highway patrol for years. That is they give their deputies orders not to let the patrol beat them to crashes in their counties.

  • john curry

    Andy, have any documentation…like was furnished above from the Mr. Gilead patrol post? If so, I’d like to see it.

  • Andy

    Sheriffs in Ohio operating with transparency? Are you kidding?…LOL. Where have you been living?

  • john curry

    Due to the cutbacks, thanks to Kasich, my county sheriff’s department gives all incoming accident calls to the OHP because they can’t free up what few Deputies they have to do traffic. accidents. Like I said above, “have any documentation?” As far as transparency….you don’t think the Lt Leach memo was published out of pride, do you?

  • Andy

    Once a directive is put in writing it is public record, for the “whole world” to see, if someone requests it.
    As far as your repeated request for documentation I guess you think that provides the only proof of what really goes on. Lots of things happen in this world without documentation.

  • john curry

    Plunderbund furnishes documentation, all Andy furnishes is hot air. Why am I not surprised?

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