Well,the mice are roaring again.

Instead of Benghazi, it’s  Ukraine.  They’ve discovered a new level of hell in which to punish President Obama by demoting him from Tyrant-Dictator-King to the depths of weak, naive pushover in a one-on-one with Putin. It is an irresistible opportunity  for the mice to roar  as they often do minutes after daybreak when  Obama heads for the office.

There was, for example, John McCain, pathetically still trying to stand his ground  after  his own Arizona Republican Party has censured him for being “too liberal”.  Rising before a TV camera with arms flaring, McCain heatedly described the President as the “most naive president in history.” (Speaking  of superlatives, you have to wonder  whether McCain wasn’t the most naive presidential candidate in history  by posting Sarah Palin on his ticket. It’s perfectly normal to quake when you think about it. )

MICKEYOthers took the time to roar  that Obama was a wimp.  From Benghazi to Ukraine, growled Sen.Lindsey Graham,  the GOP whiner-in-chief, Obama has shown weakness that will invite more retreats from around the world.  Michelle Bachman and  Palin, the latter with the best view of Putin from her front porch,  added their apocalyptic voices to the chorus in their usual sassy look-at-me style. And I had to wonder whose idea it  was to haul out dead-ender Rudy Giuliani   on TV with his worldly roaring mouse schtick.

Truculence is clearly the order of  the day for this bunch, even if they never bother to explain what we should do to scare off Putin.  As with Obamacare, immigration, the economy and all of the other issues, the mice live in the pale luxury of never proposing solutions while screaming  Obama down the road.

Still, Obama might try to shut them up  by beating them at their own game with a macho display perfected by George W. Bush.  He could head out to  an aircraft carrier in the Pacific in a fighter pilot’s regalia to exclaim Mission Accomplished.  That might even work better than luring these creatures with cheese.

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