On February 18th, Libertarian candidates for Ohio Governor and Attorney General (Charlie Earl and Steven Linnabary respectively) were certified to be on November’s ballot. Soon after, multiple challenges to both candidates magically appeared.

The challenges were supposedly brought by individuals claiming to be Libertarians, or at least not Republicans. But the whole thing still seemed fishy and bit too well organized.

Today we figured out why.

In a shaky video interview with Marc Kovac on February 28th, Matt Borges, Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, admitted that his people “were the ones who filed the complaint”…

Borges quickly revised his story after Mr. Kovak pointed out that the people filing the complaints were “self-described Libertarians”.

“oh! you know what?,” said Borges, “They were. They were. You’re absolutely right. They were.”

As my kids say: no take-backs.