For years, Mike DeWine and his wife have used recipe books as a campaign tool, filling the books with family recipes for cherry pie and grape salad, and passing them out to supporters on the campaign trail.

Lately, his favorite recipes seem to be of a different flavor.

Since Mike DeWine took over as Ohio’s Attorney General, he has spent a lot of time cooking up new ways to help his friends, donors and political cronies benefit from his position.

A recent, exhaustive piece in the Dayton Daily News (Firms gave heavily to DeWine, GOP) outlines how DeWine and his team have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from law firms seeking lucrative contracts with the state, including one firm that exceeded campaign contribution limits when four partners gave his campaign $16,000 on the same day they submitted a proposal to the AG’s office.   The firm’s proposal was, not surprisingly, accepted.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg (wedge salad).

Today we start a new series at Plunderbund:  The Mike DeWine Pay-to-Play Cookbook!

Using public records and the talents of our crack Plunderbund research team, we will be highlighting ways in which Mike DeWine personally worked to help grant lucrative contracts, critical advice, important meetings and special access to his donors and his friends.

The first “recipe” is coming this afternoon.  So stay tuned!