It has been a week.  On a scale of one-to-ten, the Republican political class has vaporized  beyond the  vanishing point of zero in the party’s eternal quest to broaden its base.  I used to think there was some inscrutably mystical  plan to lure millions of voters to their column.  Not so.  After losing the White House twice in succession,  it is apparent that there is no plan.  This gang is just a loose  collection of inept ideological peacocks in business suits.
The past  will more than suffice as a demonstration project, if you can stand the pain.
  • In Texas, the state’s Republican attorney general Greg Abbot, is comfortably campagning for governor with a racist f-bombing madman,Ted Nugent, who refers to Hillary Clinton as a “fat bitch” and reportedly enjoys the company of juvenile girls.  A rock musician, Nugent’s latest  assault on mental stability is his Nazi-derived reference to President Obama as  a “Communist nurtured  subhuman mongrel”.  Abbot apprently has no trouble with Nugent’s verbal bowel movements,  sayng both he and Nugent, who refers to Abbot as his “blood brother,” are on earth to defend the Constitution.  (Abbot also hopes to attract  Longhorn voters with Nugent’s well-known muscular defense of guns.)
  • In Tennessee,  Republican Sen. Bob Corker was the go-to pol in influencing  the anti-UAW vote in Chattanooga.  Corker refused to sit by idly, as agreed to by the VW leaders and unions, while the vote  was underway,  using various lies to defame the UAW.  Yeah, the bid to unionize failed by a close vote as Corker insisted in scary talk that the UAW’s presence  would discourage the company from expanding in Tennessee  (the biggest lie of all inasmuch as VW has lived with unions in Germany for a long time and made no effort to prevent the Chattanooga workers from unionizing.)    Bad timing for Corker anyway.  The New York Times reported that the Volkswagen group’s sales rose a solid 8.9 pct. in January.  Oh, Corker did say he wasn’t anti-union. Right. And Missionary Ridge is in Oregon.
  • And. in South Carolina, Republican Gov. Nikki Haley didn’t deal in nuance in expressing her malice toward unions,  warning: “We don’t have unions in South Carfolina because we don’t want unions in South Carolina. ”  She described unions as nothing but “distractions ” and it was her job to “kick them out”, no matter whether it was General Motors, Ford or any other giant industrialist thinking about moving into her  Palmetto State with jobs.  Take that!
Insofar as the broadening of the GOP base is concerned, have I mentioned the growing outrage by minorities in Ohio and elsewhere over the partty’s  various initiatives  to shrink voting rights?  Oh, I guess I did.