Governor John Kasich has been fond of claiming an Ohio “miracle” of closing budget deficits while cutting taxes. Tell that to the least among us who, thanks to the Governor’s sales tax increase now have to pay more under his tax scheme, while his rich friends get another $6,083 tax cut. Add that to the decision Mr. Kasich made to increase all our future property taxes by 12.5% and you might understand why regular folks in Ohio are scratching their heads. This Governor’s plans sound less and less like a miracle and more and more like a government handout for the wealthiest 1% of Ohioans.

Want to see it in pictures? Check out this chart produced by Innovation Ohio that shows just how regressive Kasich’s tax schemes have been. Why is it bad to have regressive taxation? Because those least able to pay taxes have to pay more relative to those who have the greatest ability to pay. As a result, for the first time since the 1980s, taxes that disproportionately hurt the least among us will provide a greater share of state tax revenue than taxes that is more fairly distributed among us all.


And what do we have to show for this shell game? Massive cuts to public education and local services. All in the name of economic growth that has Ohio ranked near the bottom of the 50 states in recent job growth.

So the Governor has raised taxes on those least able to pay them, while cutting services that provide the opportunities for those same people to attain the success necessary to realize his tax scheme’s benefits, all while shepherding an economy that is a national laggard.

Ohioans United, a coalition of workers and progressive organizations dedicated to exposing the harmful effects of John Kasich’s policies, has just released a commercial that concisely explains Kasich’s devastating tax policy changes.

Thanks for the miracle, Governor.