bury the lede (idiomatic, US, journalism): To begin a story with details of secondary importance to the reader while postponing more essential points or facts.

Republicans in the Ohio Legislature passed some election reform bills that reduced early voting and restricted the ability of local boards of election to mail absentee ballots to voters.

Coverage of this issue in the Dispatch is a classic example of poor journalism.  The Columbus Dispatch reported that the bills passed “After a bitter partisan fight.” The article then reports the back and forth between the parties.  Example:  “Democrats have called for . . .  Republicans counter . . .”

Blah, Blah, Blah.

ODP’s Brian Hester has a good summary of why these voting changes are bad.  Take a moment to read it and come back to us.

The real story is found at the end of the Dispatch article:

The politics underlying the debate are that Democrats tend to do better among those who vote early: President Barack Obama won 84 percent of the in-person early vote in Franklin County in 2012.

Classic lede burying.  What is really going on is that Republicans used their majorities (gained through redistricting) to make it harder for Democrats to vote.

In doing this, the Dispatch left the most important and newsworthy aspect of the story out of the beginning.  This is bad journalism, and the professional and experienced editors at the Dispatch know exactly what they are doing.

  • Think.

    The decline in Dispatch readers, as well as its reduced size, both mirror the downturn of this newspaper’s journalistic integrity.

  • jr6020

    Let’s get these 2 soon to be laws stopped. It’s time for ballot initiatives to do just that. How do we get this started???

  • missskeptic

    They sure as hell are trying to make it harder for DEMOCRATS to vote. They got rid of Golden Week. Now no one has ever proved that the wrong people register to vote and then vote. But the Rs in Ohio got rid of it all the same. Matt Huffman (R, Lima) made the statement that allegations of voter suppression were just a narrative to “make it easier for Democrats to win elections.” So instead, it will now be much harder for Democrats to win. How about just making elections more fair for everyone?! The Republicans won the 2010’s, got to redistrict in a way that borders on the ludicrous, and now control it all. This is the real tragedy of the Dems losing the 2010’s, and will cause the most damage in the long run.

  • buckeyewill

    The GOP has become nothing but a Confederate party. As a Black American I remember the tactics racist Confederates in the Democratic Party used to disenfranchise Blacks from voting. They are no different than the 20th Century Dixiecrats.

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