From the daily archives: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

After spending years aggressively preparing to lease state property for fracking to oil and gas companies, John Kasich has suddenly and abruptly changed his mind after a secret memo showed that Kasich’s team had prepared a hit list of anti-fracking organziations and individuals in an attempt to sell Ohioans on their plan to drill on state land.

Here’s a quick timeline of events leading up to today’s big lie¬†announcement that Kasich would never want to drill on state property…

On June 21, 2011¬†House Bill 133 was passed by the Ohio Senate and is quickly signed by Governor […]

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With the rise of the radical right here in the once moderate and sane State of Ohio, we have seen too many examples of extremism. Unions. Women’s health. Concealed carry and the introduction of an ersatz stand-your-ground-but-call-it-something-else bill. ¬† The Legislature seems to see Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas and Kansas as models of an Ohio Conservative Utopia.

With all the real issues facing Ohio, the House has a bill hanging around to defend religion. After all, Christians are persecuted by socialist, secular, hippie Liberals like myself.

HB 376 is called The Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Orwell would be proud as […]

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