The 2016 presidential media sing-along has now embraced Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose every half-step is being projected as evidence that he might be, would be, could be and – for  Heaven’s sake! –  should be the GOP’s answer to raise America from the post-Obama ashes as a kind of born-again society.
The National Journal recently swung into the speculative Kasich launch, not quite yet with champagne,   by quoting one of the guys who knew him when both were congressmen.  Ex-Rep. Tom Davis III , Virginia Republican, described Kasich  as a
guy who can “connect with a crowd” and shouldn’t be considered a “sleeper”.
Davis called his colleague  “the total package” who has presided over a “Rust Belt Renaissance” (No mention – now or forever – of Obama’s bailout of the auto industry that saved thousands of Buckeye jobs as the GOP side was damning it.)
The Virginian also said Kasich was a potential presidential candidate that “everyone is overlooking”.
Well, not everyone, Tom, to say the least.
The Columbus Dispatch has set its sights on  a Kasich White House  for months, with reporter Joe Vardon documenting every Kasich breath.   The latest is the word that Kasich is going to Los Vegas to speak to the Republican Jewish Coalition in late March.  The head of that group is casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who badly invested tens of millions in the 2012 presidential campaign to elect Romney after candidate Newt Gingrich was left hunting for another day job.
Adelson is still hoping to put someone in the White House who will be friendly to his overseas casino investments.
As Vardon  envisioned  the RJC trek, it  is “already the subject of growing speculation surrounding  the GOP presidential field for 2016.   Word that Kasich will  adddress the RJC is only fueling that speculation.”
And insofar is the Dispatch is concerned, it has plenty of that fuel in its own tank.
Read more from Abe at Grumpy Abe.
  • westparkguy

    Kasich is a dumber version of G.W. Bush.

  • anastasjoy

    Gee, I wonder if Tom Davis could point out this “Rust Belt Renaissance” to me. I’m having a hard time seeing it here in Cleveland.

  • Red Rover

    No kidding. I just heard that PCC Airfoils (aerospace casting supplier) near Cleveland just laid off 20% of their workforce.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Just look at Ohio if you’re thinking of Governor Ultrasound for president: Fracking, wars on women and gays, privatization of everything, destruction of unions and public schools, extensive gerrymandering, crooked elections, casinos and megachurches as the major money-makers, deregulation of everything for profit. A founding member of ALEC as president? The horror! And where would he make the State of the Union Speech? Moscow?

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