From the daily archives: Sunday, February 9, 2014

Did you happen catch the cameo appearance of Rob Portman, the Ohio Republican senator from Cincinnati, on Meet the Press this morning? It was hardly a rocket-launching moment in political history. But he is, after all, only one of a hundred such mortals in America so I took a look a him in a mini-debate with New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer over Obamacare (which Portman detests) and extended unemployment insurance (not on his to-do list).

As you may not know since the Beacon Journal and all three networks (ABC,NBC, CBS) didn’t bother to report that the extension for 1.7 […]

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In the 2012-13 school year, charter schools received over $829 million in state taxpayer dollars to educate just over 116,000 children – an average of $7,144.86 per child.  By comparison, after this money was deducted from payments to Ohio’s local public school districts, those districts received just shy of $5.5 billion to educate the remaining 1.7 million children.  While that may sound like a high dollar figure, it averages out to only $3,125.30 per student.

What this means is that last year, charter schools in Ohio received, on average, over twice as much (2.29 times, to be exact) per student […]

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