From the daily archives: Saturday, February 8, 2014

In Cleveland, the Menlo Park Academy charter school serves children in grades K-8 and has very strict admission requirements.  Menlo Park restricts their enrollment to only the best and brightest — those students identified as being gifted.  Not surprisingly, these students consistently highly on Ohio’s standardized tests year after year, making it appear as though the school is performing at a consistently high level.  The most recent changes to Ohio’s school report cards, especially the new grade given to a school’s impact on gifted students, gives us a reason to look more closely at Menlo’s program.

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There is a lawsuit bouncing around in the Federal Courts to stop ACA subsidies. The contention is the Affordable Care Act only allows premium subsidies in States that set up their own Insurance Exchanges. With Thirty-Four States refusing to set up exchanges (guess who’s in charge in those States) the Federal Government stepped in to create and run those exchanges. The suits claim the IRS overstepped its authority to give tax credits and impose penalties in those 34 States.

The Attorneys General of Oklahoma and Indiana (no surprises there) filed suits in Federal Court to stop the practice. They were […]

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