Judging by the latest candidate filings, a civil war is happening inside the Warren County Republican Party, with three Republican incumbent legislators being challenged in primaries.

State Senator Shannon Jones, infamous for sponsoring Senate Bill 5, the union-busting bill that was later recalled in a massive win for labor in Ohio, is being challenged by our old pal Kelly Kohls in Ohio’s 7th State House District.   Kohls heads up the Warren County Tea Party.  She also did a stint as President of the Spingboro School Board where she tried to get the school system to sponsor classes on the U.S. Constitution taught by Christian Nationalist crackpots associated with a white supremacist group.  She also tried to introduce Creationism into the curriculum.  

More recently, Kohls was announced as a running mate for a Tea Party Gubernatorial ticket with Dr. Donald Allen of Youngstown.  The ticket fizzled out last week, possibly because of our story about Kohl’s financial problems (she and her husband declared bankruptcy with nearly $1 million in unpaid debt including three car loans and over $829,000 in mortgages on their $450,000 house because – fiscal responsibility!)

In the 62nd district, incumbent State Rep Ron Maag has three Republican primary challengers: David Craig, Ben Goldman and Donald Walter.   There’s also a Libertarian candidate, Scott Pettigrew, that could be pulling votes from the Republican in the general. 

In the 54th district, State Rep Peter Beck is being challenged by fellow Republicans Mary Jo Kubicki and  Paul Zeltwanger.

According to the filings, a single Democratic candidate is running in each of these races: Greg Meek (7th) ,Charlene Schneider (62nd) and Rick Smith (54th).


  • missskeptic

    There must be a huge influx of cash coming in to give these Tea Partiers the idea that they can win big elections.

  • J Warner

    I guarantee you’re right. They’re getting dirty money from somewhere.

  • anastasjoy

    What kind of world is it when Shannon Fuckin’ JONES isn’t conservative enough?

  • buckeyewill

    Confederates trying to replace Confederates.

    Please folks VOTE IN NOVEMBER.

  • Frosty

    Scary, very scary

  • john curry

    Wow..what a non-exciting race….a ‘buster vs. a ‘bagger or…the Mother of SB 5 vs. the Queen of Tea! Q. Who will win this race? A. Who cares!

  • Springboro Resistance

    Heh btw Kelly Kohls will apparently be
    on Sonny Thomas’ Internet radio show tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST – I
    don’t know if he takes calls, but the call-in number is listed here –

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