Medina is the name of a quaint Republican town in a quaint Republican county in northern Ohio that boasts of a quaint Republican Ohio House speaker, William G. Batchelder lll, as its influential native son and pal of Gov. Kasich.

It also is the ancient name of a holy city in Saudi Arabia that boasts of being the burial site of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, an historic landmark that would doubtless be a hard sell to the Medinans of Ohio, where the folks are preparing for the arrival of Kasich later this month to convey his state of the state message. It will be this year’s chosen comfort zone to allow him to cozy up to what the GOP believes are the “real people” .

The governor has had a thing about staging the annual message away from cities since his first one in Columbus in 2011 drew loud labor protests over the controversial union-restrictive Senate Bill 5. Remember?

He has since spoken in Steubenville and Lima and will continue that novel approach with the Buckeye legislators in tow (some kicking and screaming for their overland journey) in Medina on Feb. 24.

Oh, the pageantry of it all as he bounds around the countryside bearing tidings of great joy from the Ohio Miracle to the voters. Besides, it’s important to remember that there is only one more state fair remaining before election day.

Do you think his visit will drain some of the local excitement from the annual return of the Hinckley buzzards just up the road on March 15?

  • Nick Mascari

    Is this a real post? Is it April 1st already? Did you guys get hacked?

  • john curry

    Looks like the buzzard will show up about three weeks early, doesn’t it?

  • westparkguy

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  • anastasjoy

    Not the best choice. Not only is it not THAT Republican but it is nestled in the bosom of very, VERY Democratic Lorain, Cuyahoga and Summit counties, which have a lot of people in easy driving distance who might be eager to express their displeasure with the governor.

  • CherMoe

    One thing we know for sure is that Kasich is like Bush … he only goes where the “moneyed” interests are and with his shroud of secrecy that he cloaks himself in, will only take “pre-selected” and approved questions. He’s fairly confident he’s already BOUGHT AND REDISTRICTED his re-election and will overcome Democratic votes, along with the help from Jon Husted, who has been feverishly filing lawsuit after lawsuit to continue to suppress the Democratic votes in Ohio.

  • Retrofuturistic

    If the governor won’t speak in Columbus, for fear of encountering his constituents, then maybe his constituents (i.e., victims) need to go to Medina….

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