On Tuesday, Central Ohio television viewers were treated to an interruption of their regular television programming as local stations broadcast the live press conference of Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost as he released the results of his 18-month investigation (that was specifically requested by the school district nearly two years ago, by the way, and was delayed time and time again) into attendance and grade “irregularities” in the Columbus City School district.  Yost proudly smirked his way through the hour-long performance, demonstrating an appalling level of professional bias from the outset as he revealed his PowerPoint slideshow with a picture of a rotten apple on it — an immediate display of his office’s a lack of objectivity from someone whose very position is supposed to be all about objective analysis.

The State Auditor’s website has a mission statement posted on it that stresses this very important component of the Auditor office’s work:



Yost’s press conference literally could not have been less objective.  Here’s a picture of the background he chose for his PowerPoint to release his report that was supposedly “driven by numbers and facts”:


As for the State Auditor Office’s claim that it is “without regard to politics”?  Well, he ignored that part of his alleged “Mission Statement” yesterday when he and the Ohio Republican Party turned this audit (paid for by the school district) and Yost’s 15 minutes of fame into a fundraising tool for his re-election campaign in the form of an email:


Dave Yost, objective elected official?  Driven…without regard to politics?  Not so much.

As a courtesy, we’ve re-worked Yost’s mission statement to more accurately reflect his actions that speak much louder than his words:


Mr. Yost, since you are supposedly all about truth, you are more than welcome to use this re-worked Mission Statement in future fundraising emails completely free of charge.  As the State Auditor of Ohio, we feel it’s important that you represent yourself as truthfully as you possibly can in your re-election campaign against John Patrick Carney this year.  The truth will set you free…