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There are few things that push my buttons as fast or hard as a Religious dogma taught as fact with public money. Faith and religion are important and comforting to many of us. So is an education that will prepare a child for the realities of a Twenty-first century economy.

I graduated from Whitehall-yearling High School. Whitehall was always a blue collar suburb. I received a good education there in spite of myself. Now, this was the Sixties. America was infatuated with science and progress. We were aiming for the moon, pushing the envelope of our technology to get there. […]

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It’s good to see two Democratic state candidates in Ohio raising hell about Republican efforts – some successful – to shrink the vote not only in the Buckeye State but across the land of the free.

OK. I know. The Gentrified Old Party (GOP) has been playing let’s-pretend to protect “honest” voters from demographic changes that threaten any hope of an ascendant Republican claim to the presidency and down the ticket. One day they cry voter fraud, which has been proven non-existent. That’s accompanied by gerrymandered congressional districts – vulgar in Ohio – that have left us with no more […]

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Governor Kasich reportedly has intervened in the Cleveland Browns’ woeful search for a new coach by  flagging it to JobsOhio.  Kasich noted that the headhunters at the agency have private speed dials that can instantly contact American prospects without having to comb the endless white pages in European and  Chinese directories, which has proven to be unproductive for the team’s front office.   It is so effective in creating jobs,  the governor said, that he has already confidently scheduled a trip to Marysville, geographically a neutral site,  in another week to  announce the new coach, who has yet to be chosen.

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Over the past couple of days, we’ve shared with you the wealth of research that links the retention of students to an increased risk of dropping out of school; research that contradicts the mandatory retention requirement of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee law.  In these posts, we’ve asked you to contact our state legislators to advocate on behalf of Ohio’s children.  It is important that we take action because others who should be doing so have failed to do so.

At the top of that list is Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richard Ross.  Ross was […]

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Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase most commonly associated with the medical profession.  The phrase translates to “first, do no harm”.  Ohio’s legislators would do well to adopt this concept when considering the laws about education.

As we first wrote yesterday, research studies show that the mandatory retention component of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee law will do irreparable harm to thousands of children by increasing the likelihood that they will drop out of school later on.  Since this evidence contradicts the intended outcome of the law, we must push the Ohio General Assembly to immediately amend the law to […]

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I’ve written a lot of posts over the past three years, but none have ever struck me with the sense of urgency that this one has and I have a special request that is completely out of character for me to ask: please share this post intentionally and widely. The futures of thousands of Ohio’s young children are at stake.  We need the General Assembly to take action immediately to enact emergency legislation to amend Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee law to protect our children. Read on to understand why.

The Kasich Administration’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee law has the […]

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Hillary Clinton’s supporters  are said to be thrilled that neocon pundit William Kristol went off on another of his frequent space odysseys  and predicted that Clinton had no chance to win the presidency.  None. Zilch.  Zero.  According to Kristol,  while gazing  down to mortals from his space station,  she’s too much an old Democrat.

And her supporters are thrilled? Well, look at it this way:  No overpaid iconic pundit has run up a greater list of mistaken forecasts, to wit: He virtually invented Sarah Palin as the veep choice for John McCain’s team.  She was so engaging that the voters simply couldn’t turn […]

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Four years ago, Ted Strickland was entering his final year as Ohio’s governor, and things were rough.  The nation was in the midst of a horrible recession and the economy was struggling in many ways that were having an adverse effect on Ohio’s education system.

On top of that, Strickland had implemented legislative changes that had received mixed reviews by the education community and, by all accounts, had turned many teachers against him.

Looking back, we can recognize the complexity of many of the issues of the time.  As you likely remember, jobs were being lost nationwide and Ohio was […]

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Ohio Senate Bill 229, a bill designed to modify the new teacher evaluation system in Ohio, has disappeared in the Ohio House.  Despite passing 33-0 in the Senate, House Education Committee Chairman Gerald Stebelton is ignoring the bill and has yet to allow it to be introduced for hearings on his committee.

Senate Bill 229 would provide some much needed relief to Ohio’s principals who are being run ragged trying to keep up with the onerous processes required by the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) and better allow them to be the instructional leaders in Ohio’s […]

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Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio’s alleged “moderate” Republican senator,  has perfected the remarkable achievement of  the  ancient oracles.  As you  know, they often provided equivocal answers  that could be interpreted in whatever way that pleased you.

Portman often fashions  his inoffensive words with such confusion that no matter how he casts a nasty vote, they always have a feel-good soft landing for the unsuspecting voter.

He wants you to know that he was “disappointed’  that a certain bill did not turn out as he would have preferred even though he agreed with parts of it.

For example, on the gun reform bill in […]

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Just when you thought it was safe to stick your head up in Southwestern Ohio, a couple of Cincinnati right wing groups find a way to still amaze me. Cynic that I am, I am surprised.

In 2010 Steve Driehaus, a Democrat, was running for reelection in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District against Steve Chabot. The Ohio 1st District is parts of Cincinnati, then runs along the Ohio River and up the border with Indiana. The district touches Speaker Boehner’s OH-08. This is a bright red, conservative Tea Party haven part of Ohio.

2010 was the year of the Tea Party […]

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