With a fresh batch of silly putty, the artisans at the Ohio Republican Headquarters gave us a quick demonstration of how you can bravely attack a major national organization without actually naming it. But it wouldn’t take a savant to know that it was referring to Planned Parenthood, which has heard it many numbing times before.

In a terrible mood after the reproductive health counseling agency endorsed some state Democratic candidates, Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges completely lost it in a press release this week, hoping to morally tower above those Democrats who received the endorsements while, on the other hand, the anti-abortionists engaged in the March for Life. (As if anybody is bent up when, say, the Ohio Manufacturers Assn. endorses friendly lawmakers that protect the OMA’s rear.)

Get this:
“It is beyond the pale that on the day that thousands of Ohioans [!] and Americans[!] are participating in the March for Life that Ohio Democrats are being endorsed and holding an event with supporters of more abortions. The Democratic ticket stood with an organization [Wanna guess who?] that performs hundreds of thousands of abortions every year and advocates for late-term-abortions.” OUCH!

Borges further accused Democrats of saying that “those who believe in life are not welcome in the Democratic Party or in a state they would govern.”

The comedy shtick ended there, leaving the reader to wonder whether Borges believes Republicans would exclude every pro-choice voter from its ranks. Or what the hell is he really saying to score points with his shrinking base?

Not elegantly stated, as Mitt Romney once said of his own verbal meandering.

Anyway, it wasn’t a good week for the Republicans pledge to reach out to women and anyone else that would dare come to one of their bake sales. A year ago, let me remind you, no higher party savant than national chairman Reince Priebus was preaching as national policy the Samaritan gospel of embracing racial minorities, women and gays in the party’s hospitable carnival big top.

The past week also brought us the ubiquitous preacher with another hopeless presidential candidacy on his mind, Mike Huckabee. He virtually closed every lane to women voters when he denounced contraceptives as federal assistance for female weakness of the flesh. The former Arkansas governor hotly attacked the notion of his party’s War on Women by declaring “It’s not a war on them. It’s a war for them.” OK. Shouldn’t the party chieftains, for their own safety, now give him a free ride back to a gas station where old guys hang out for hours on the only chair?

Sorry, but Huck doesn’t think women are clever or morally disciplined enough to control their libidos.

I suspect that if he should run again for the White House, we will witness billboards with voluptuous women sharing space with lascivious men with the bold caption:

Hey, girls. Only Slutty Democrats (sex class 101, per Limbaugh] suffer the agonies of uncontrolled libidos. Vote Republican!