From the daily archives: Monday, January 20, 2014

Governor Kasich reportedly has intervened in the Cleveland Browns’ woeful search for a new coach by  flagging it to JobsOhio.  Kasich noted that the headhunters at the agency have private speed dials that can instantly contact American prospects without having to comb the endless white pages in European and  Chinese directories, which has proven to be unproductive for the team’s front office.   It is so effective in creating jobs,  the governor said, that he has already confidently scheduled a trip to Marysville, geographically a neutral site,  in another week to  announce the new coach, who has yet to be chosen.

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Over the past couple of days, we’ve shared with you the wealth of research that links the retention of students to an increased risk of dropping out of school; research that contradicts the mandatory retention requirement of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee law.  In these posts, we’ve asked you to contact our state legislators to advocate on behalf of Ohio’s children.  It is important that we take action because others who should be doing so have failed to do so.

At the top of that list is Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richard Ross.  Ross was […]

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Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase most commonly associated with the medical profession.  The phrase translates to “first, do no harm”.  Ohio’s legislators would do well to adopt this concept when considering the laws about education.

As we first wrote yesterday, research studies show that the mandatory retention component of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee law will do irreparable harm to thousands of children by increasing the likelihood that they will drop out of school later on.  Since this evidence contradicts the intended outcome of the law, we must push the Ohio General Assembly to immediately amend the law to […]

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