Hillary Clinton’s supporters  are said to be thrilled that neocon pundit William Kristol went off on another of his frequent space odysseys  and predicted that Clinton had no chance to win the presidency.  None. Zilch.  Zero.  According to Kristol,  while gazing  down to mortals from his space station,  she’s too much an old Democrat.

And her supporters are thrilled?
Well, look at it this way:  No overpaid iconic pundit has run up a greater list of mistaken forecasts, to wit:
He virtually invented Sarah Palin as the veep choice for John McCain’s team.  She was so engaging that the voters simply couldn’t turn down the tandem.
He and his cohorts like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and other warriors thrust the U.S. into Iraq, with Kristol boasting that we would be welcomed in Baghdad as “liberators”.
Oh, he also predicted that his side would be vindicated when “we discover the  weapons of mass destruction”.
And we shouldn’t forget that he forecast a Romney victory over Obama.
Had enough already?  Yeah, me too.