As Custer learned at Little Big Horn and Christie at Fort Lee, there are no certainties in war and politics. The Custer story has long been assigned to the archives. The Christie story, past, present and future, is still unfolding. In its wake will be the love-in between the New Jersey and Ohio governors at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Arizona last November.

It was there on the widely reported stage that drew trend-conscience reporters from everywhere that Chris Christie giddily declared, “I love John Kasich”. (Please don’t read sex!)

According to reporting by friendly Kasich Chronicler Joe Vardon of the Columbus Dispatch, our governor had already heartily commended Christie the day before by declaring : “Chris and I are friends. He texts me, we laugh, we bust each other’s chops.”

Want to hear more from the Ohio man? Kasich, Vardon wrote, predicted “great success” for his friend, noting that Christie had “celebrity” working for him, an important asset in politics. (He was even elected chairman of the Republican association in Scottsdale. )

“Christie, is going to do great out there,” Vardon reported. ” Are you kidding? He is like a a force now. People want to be around him. He came out to Ohio during my last campaign, people just love him. He said if you don’t elect this guy I am coming back New Jersey style. They like it.”

New Jersey style?

Christie returned the accolade , pointing out that he and Kasich “get along very well because we have very similar approaches to governing.”

Well, now, similar approaches to governing?

Kasich will probably call me an idiot and bust my chops (!) for bringing up ancient history, but I don’t mind. I’m not running for reelection – a campaign that he had once hoped would be supercharged by his celebrated friend from New Jersey.

PS: On the plus side for Kasich in the Dispatch report was that Kasich was “kind of a magnet in Scottsdale for national reporters looking for insight.” Good luck on that.

  • OhioNewsBureau

    Can John Kasich bridge Chris Christie crisis scandal?
    January 10, 2014
    When Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s top communicators were asked Thursday morning by email whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie should remain chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, in light of the news that he allegedly exacted…Continue

  • annekarima53

    Abe, this article gave me nightmares. “I am the walrus. goo goo g’joob,”

  • Neil Riggs

    Custer was dead long before Wounded Knee – he died at the Little Big Horn….

  • dmoore2222

    Where is the missing JoblessOhio million dollars? I want to know!

  • CherMoe

    Yes, “inquiring minds” want to know! It’s amazing how Kasich has shielded his administration in a total shroud of secrecy, passing bills in the dead of night to protect himself from being investigated of all his wrong doings. And meanwhile, Jon Husted is feverishly working (with our tax $$$$) filing one lawsuit after another and making it hard if not impossible to VOTE.

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