West Virginia just declared a State of Emergency after up-to 5,000 gallons of a poisonous chemical, 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol, used for processing coal, was leaked into the water supply of 300,000 West Virginians.  According to Reuters, over 700 people have called poison control lines with symptoms, and 70 have showed up at emergency rooms.  Residents have been warned against using the water for drinking, bathing or anything short of flushing the toilet.

Back here in Ohio, John Kasich continues to purge Ohio EPA officials who oversee water quality in Ohio, likely at the behest of the coal industry.

First it was George Elmaraghy, a 39 year veteran of the Ohio EPA, who was fired back in August.  Elmaraghy claimed he was fired for opposing a request from Kasich’s pal Bob Murray. Elmaraghy refused to issue Coal Baron Murray, owner of Murray Energy, a permit to pollute “that may have a negative impact on Ohio’s streams and wetlands and violate state and federal laws.”   Murray complained to Kasich and Elmaraghy’s career with the EPA was quickly over.

Murray and his family gave Kasich over $4,500 in the last election cycle.   And Murray was one of Kasich’s “carefully selected” panelists at his 2011 Energy Summit.

This week, Scott Nally, Kasich’s Ohio EPA director, resigned suddenly and without warning.  

The rumor mill tells us that Murray’s anger over likely-illegal pollution permits was again to blame.  But, so far, Kasich has been silent on the issue.

Yesterday the Sierra Club of Ohio sent Kasich a letter insisting the governor come clean and tell Ohioans why Nally was pushed out.  “The people of Ohio have a right to know what role your office has played in the development of these resignations,” writes Sierra Club Ohio Chair Robert F. Shields.  “We are writing you to request your leadership not by your actions behind closed doors, but by speaking to Ohioans openly and honestly about the activities surrounding these recent events.”

We hope Kasich will follow the advice of the Sierra Club and come clean.    Ohioans deserve to know if Kasich is putting the desires of big political donors like Bob Murray above the health and well-being of Ohioans.  But we won’t be holding our breath.

Here’s Bob Murray from Kasich’s 2011 Energy Summit.  Stick around to 30 seconds where he goes off on a rant about Barack Hussein Obama being a threat to our American way of life…


  • Think.

    Scott Nally, the Ohio EPA director who Kasich chose to “protect our environment,” formerly worked on behalf of mega-farming operations in Indiana. Was he not “business-friendly” enough for the gov?

  • SlapFat

    Murray is such a wuss. Every time I start to get fatigued with President Obama guys like him make me get back in the ring and do what I can for him. Coal factories are a deadly, antiquated way of getting energy and Murray, wasted-looking as he is, can’t understand that.

    Kasich’s behavior with the Ohio EPA is yet another reason he needs to go. Man is Murray a whiner, though.

  • debra haddix

    I agree with you 100% Mr Murray…keep fighting for coal

  • stryx

    This article from the Wheeling Intelligencer has a helpful paragraph:
    “A Nov. 8 letter from the federal organization to the state agency
    indicates the U.S. EPA does not believe Murray has met the requirements.
    However, the letter does not highlight specific objections, only
    stating that federal regulators reserve the right to specify these by
    Jan. 5.”

    That would be this permit, issued as a draft in November:

    You could understand why US EPA would be reluctant to trust Murray, considering the history:

    Bob Murray is just going to keep yelling and having all his friends and employees calling Kasich until Murray gets his permit. He won’t quit until he gets someone either sufficiently craven or spineless in charge. US EPA is Ohio’s only hope for protecting the high-quality Captina Creek.

  • stryx

    Murray seems to most upset about not being able to get his permits for the Century Mine in Beasville, OH.

    You may remember the Century Mine from the last Presidential election, when Murray forced his employees to be props for Mitt Rommney.

    Without pay.

    Which is what earned Murray the derision of a writer at Slate.

  • Red Rover

    Cincinnati had to close the Ohio River valves in the water supply until this junk passes…

  • hossgloria

    SCOTT Nally is not a friend of environment. He destroyed
    Indiana’s environmental program which took about 20+ years to build by the previous administrations. He signs his name with Neo-Nazi hate crime symbols like “Phinas Priest.” Look how he signs
    his name. While he was in Indiana there was allegation sexual misconduct. He was sued for interfering with female employees’ family matters.
    Many believes that Nally was in a KKK training camp in Davies County,
    KY while lived in that area in Indiana Davies County. It is quite possible that Ohio governor knew about the KKK training camp as he was a friend of Scott Nally…..they attended the county republican
    meetings. Nally was chairman of Davies County, Indiana Republican Party.
    Scott Nally ordered employees of Indiana to have Coal Mining
    NPDES permit issued in 7 days—–no matter how destructive to
    the environment. He is a dangerous and sick man.

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