We found out earlier this week that Scott Nally, Kasich’s director of the Ohio EPA, resigned abruptly without any explanation.

Kasich appointed Nally in January 2011 and immediately tasked him with making it easier for businesses to get pollution permits from the EPA.

Later that month, Kasich and Nally forced all EPA employees to drive to Columbus to hear Kasich berate them for their lack of commitment and lack of vision.  A clip from that event in which Kasich repeatedly called a Columbus Police Officer “an idiot” brought national attention to the new Governor.

By November 2011, Nally was already seeking a way to put his mark on the agency.  His solution: change the name of the Ohio EPA.   Nally asked employees to submit their suggestions.   Needless to say, they thought it was a ridiculous idea.

So while we wait to find out what type of scandal led to Nally’s resignation, and which oil and gas company will be hiring him next, here’s a short story about Nally’s replacement ,Craig Butler, as told by Cinubluegreen.


Craig Butler and Dave Ward in the lobby of the 30th Floor of Riffe – Photo from Cinubluegreen

In March 2013, a group of environment activists were scheduled to meet at John Kasich’s office on the 30th floor of the Riffe Office tower in Columbus.   Six individuals took time off work and school, and traveled from all across the state, to ask the governor to do more to protect Ohioan from dangerous fracking fluid and waste water, and to present the governor with petitions signed by thousands of Ohioans.

Instead of meeting with the Governor, the party was met by Kasich’s Constituent Affairs Director Dave Ward, and Craig Butler, the Assistant Policy Director for Environment, Energy, and Agriculture.

And instead of letting the group into their offices on the 30th floor of Riffe, or taking the meeting to one of the many other conference rooms in the building, they insisted the group stand there in the lobby, while elevators dinged and people made their way to and fro, to make their case.

After a short presentation in this uncomfortable and disrespectful setting, Butler was asked his opinion by one of the presenters.  He “immediately retorted that he disagreed with everything she had said.”   Moments later, Butler and Ward abruptly ended the meeting, turned on their heels, and walked back into the governors offices, leaving the group shocked and stunned.

This week Butler will start leading Ohio’s Environmental Protection Agency.   Clearly Kasich picked him for his care and concern about environmental issues, his strong beliefs about helping protect Ohioans from dangerous pollution, and his excellent people skills.


  • Retrofuturistic

    The Christian GOP is in charge and they’re doing whatever they want. No one stops them.

  • dmoore2222

    Where is the JoblessOhio missing million dollars? I want to know!

  • greatlaurel

    The gossip out of the OEPA is that Nally was fired after a massive fight with Bob Murray, the coal kingpin. What happened in that meeting? Captina Creek is at risk from the Murray mine activities. Captina Creek is the home to 56 species of fish and the last home in Ohio of the eastern hellbender.

    Here is a link to the Captina Conservancy, too, for anyone interested in learning more about this unique and beautiful place that is in need of all the publicity it can get. http://www.captina.org/about/captina-creek

    Or was it something to do with fracking? Cannot imagine that all those earthquakes from fracking and the waste injection wells can be good for Murray’s deep coal mines.

    Butler used to be the kind of person who would listen to all sides and be fair. Seems odd that he is mixed up with the Kasich administration.

  • stryx
  • Ernie Cooke

    what is the hidden agenda of the author of this tirade

  • Hoss Gloria

    SCOTT Nally is not a friend of environment. He destroyed
    Indiana’s environmental program which took about 20+ years to build by the previous administrations. He signs his name with Neo-Nazi hate crime symbols like “Phinas Priest.” Look how he signs
    his name. While he was in Indiana there was allegation sexual misconduct. He was sued for interfering with female employees’ family matters.

    Many believes that Nally was in a KKK training camp in Davies County,
    KY while lived in that area in Indiana Davies County. It is quite possible that Ohio governor knew about the KKK training camp as he was a friend of Scott Nally…..they attended the county republican
    meetings. Nally was chairman of Davies County, Indiana Republican Party.

    Scott Nally ordered employees of Indiana to have Coal Mining
    NPDES permit issued in 7 days—–no matter how destructive to
    the environment. He is a dangerous and sick man.

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