From the daily archives: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Usually having the Speaker of the House calling your state home is good for the state. Since Ohio leads the nation in job losses, you’d think Speaker Boehner would be doing something constructive. After all, Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is up for reelection and the economy in Ohio is an issue. You would also think Boehner would want to ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Ohio voters. I mean people. After all he wouldn’t play politics with the citizens of Ohio.

You would be wrong.

As the President and congressional Democrats fight to extend long-term unemployment insurance (IU) […]

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We found out earlier this week that Scott Nally, Kasich’s director of the Ohio EPA, resigned abruptly without any explanation.

Kasich appointed Nally in January 2011 and immediately tasked him with making it easier for businesses to get pollution permits from the EPA.

Later that month, Kasich and Nally forced all EPA employees to drive to Columbus to hear Kasich berate them for their lack of commitment and lack of vision.  A clip from that event in which Kasich repeatedly called a Columbus Police Officer “an idiot” brought national attention to the new Governor.

By November 2011, […]

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“The final cornerstone we must secure is the spirit of self-determination, the ability to address Utah problems with Utah solutions.”

– Utah Governor Gary Herbert


Those are the empty words from the Utah governor, heedless of his own cornerstone.

The Republican leader of  a radically conservative state has decided that self-determining states trump the freedoms of self-determining   individuals  who want only  to be bound in gay marriage.  And so as the freedom of 1,300 same-sex couples sinks abruptly in the West,  Herbert rises as the newly self-appointed ringmaster of state-sponsored oppression.

In so doing, Herbert stripped the […]

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