As gung-ho Republicans persist in turning America into a Hooverville for the poor – and quite likely, eventually the middle class – the party that unabashedly claims Lincoln, Cruz, Limbaugh and Jesus as its lode stars is now facing a serious threat to its own existence.

Where does it go, Dear Reader, when it has stripped the last social benefit from the desperately impoverished family that will leave nothing more for the party to take away?

No more food stamps. No more unemployment benefits. No health insurance. No heating allotments. All of these folks picked clean as a holiday turkey. What have I overlooked in the party’s perpetual motion trickle-up machine?

When the end comes and the poor are no longer useful to them, what new plan can the conservative partisans on Capitol Hill concoct to advance their ghoulish electoral ambitions?

Back in depressed 1931, when then-congressman Fiorello La Guardia was pressing for unemployment insurance (some things never change) and economic remedies, he met stiff resistance from the Hooverites. The president stood his ground, declaring: “I am firmly opposed to the government entering into any business, the major purpose of which is competition with our citizens.” (As Mitt Romney later reminded us, corporations are people, too.). Any idea to the contrary, Hoover asserted, was “degenerate”.

Well, we all know how that turned out. Today, every person out of work with no access to income becomes a human Hooverville, but no more than an abstraction to the holiest of the holy ideologues running their laps below the safety nets.