From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

As gung-ho Republicans persist in turning America into a Hooverville for the poor – and quite likely, eventually the middle class – the party that unabashedly claims Lincoln, Cruz, Limbaugh and Jesus as its lode stars is now facing a serious threat to its own existence.

Where does it go, Dear Reader, when it has stripped the last social benefit from the desperately impoverished family that will leave nothing more for the party to take away?

No more food stamps. No more unemployment benefits. No health insurance. No heating allotments. All of these folks picked clean as a holiday turkey. […]

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2004, saw a Constitutional Amendment to Ohio’s Constitution on the ballot. Eleven States, including Ohio, voted to forbid same sex marriage and recognizing valid same sex marriages from other States.

The conventional wisdom has always been Karl Rove was involved in these ballot measures to drive President Bush’s base to the polls. It has the hallmarks of a Rove policy. Fire up the base to drive turnout over cultural issues. After all, Rove has never met a conservative ballot issue he didn’t like or try to use to his advantage.

Rove has denied any master plan to get these initiatives […]

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Last month we broke the story about an investigation into Joe Rutherford, Kasich’s ODOT Deputy Director for District 5, that likely lead to his firing.   Documents obtained by Plunderbund now confirm that the investigation, conducted by ODOT’s Office of Equal Opportunity, found Rutherford retaliated against a female ODOT employee because of an earlier sexual harassment claim she made against a coworker.   The Civil Rights Act of 1964 strictly forbids this type of retaliation.

According to the investigation report, Faith Yarger, a 12 year ODOT employee, made multiple requests to transfer to an ODOT office closer to an ailing family […]

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