To hear U.S. News & World Report contributing editor Peter Roff tell it, candidate for Ohio Governor, Ed Fitzgerald, and all of Ohio’s Democrats, for that matter, are despicable individuals who are inappropriately “exploiting” an Ohio law that permits individuals to take a $50 tax credit for donating that amount to political candidates.  Apparently, Fitzgerald had the nerve to send out a “humdinger” of an end-of-year fundraising email asking for donations and informing those on his email list of their ability to take the tax credit under Ohio law.

This simple action infuriated Roff and he apparently had no choice bu to fly off the handle as he lashed out at Fitzgerald by using his position as an editor to post an op-ed on the US News & World Report website with the original title, “Ohio Democrat Ed FitzGerald Exploits Absurd Tax Credit for Political Donations“.

Wow.  What was Fitzgerald thinking, right?

Actually, he was simply doing what every politician in Ohio is doing at this very same time — fundraising while informing constituents about the $50 tax credit that exists in Ohio law.

The real question is: What was Roff thinking?

I honestly can’t understand how a contributing editor could have such horrible journalistic skills and integrity.  Roff quite obviously spent zero time researching this fundraising practice in Ohio and instead used it as a chance to lambaste Fitzgerald, his campaign, and Democrats in general,as being exploitative and inappropriate.  Had Roff spent even one brief second on Google, a basic starting research point these days for elementary school children, he would have discovered that Fitzgerald’s simple email request was not only normal, but quite tame.

Roff could have quickly and easily found the tweet and email from Republican Josh Mandel:

mandel tweet

mandel email

Perhaps if Roff had taken another split second to think, he might have just as easily discovered this tweet from our favorite non-Democrat (i.e., Republican), Governor John Kasich’s personal Twitter account:

kasich tweet

Or the Kasich Taylor for Ohio Twitter account:

kasich taylor tweet

Or maybe Roff could have taken a half-second and “stumbled” upon the not-so-hard-to-find Youtube account titled JohnKasich2010 and the fundraising videos posted there encouraging Ohioans to take advantage of the tax credit.  And in both Kasich’s and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s videos, they both use a visual of a 1040 income tax return form to show you where it is located!


I don’t mind if a media outlet wants to be considered to have a “right-wing slant” or bias as US News & World Report apparently does, but it’s appalling to have someone be so blatantly hypocritical of one party’s actions without revealing that the other party is doing the exact same thing under a standing state law.

And it is downright scary when an editor is given a forum to degrade a political candidate under the guise of being a professional journalist and publishes something that is so blatantly biased and ignorant.

Shame on US News and shame on Peter Roff.  Feel free to contact Roff via Twitter (@PeterRoff).

Damn liberal media these days…

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