With the New Year nearly upon us, we should be comforted by a late-breaking 2013 initiative by an imaginative officeholder who combines official work with personal business.  In this instance, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel features himself in a message to voters to advise them that a deadline is approaching for them to claim tax credits.

Well, now.  I’m guessing that you will want to know more.

The copy passed on to me even tells you that you have 37 hours 25 minutes to exact the credits from the state, dollar for dollar.  That would make it midnight Tuesday.  At this point, we depart from a Republican state treasurer’s sheer professional advice on saving cash to the simple steps of sending a contribution to his 2014 reelection campaign. Yep, according to Ohio law, he explains, every dollar you send to him as a political contribution can be be converted into a tax credit.  Such alchemy means the gift “won’t cost you a penny”.

But wait, there are even opportunities for out-of-state contributors who are looking for bargains. (That, of course, opens new portholes for the flow of campaign cash from the big hitters across the land. Brilliantly conceived!)

Even if you don’t live in Ohio, our man tells us, “your support today is an investment in fiscal conservatism, individual liberty and limited government in our country.”  He wants to send an emphatic message to “limousine liberals and big- government profiteers”.

Oh, and he concludes with a warm, personal message as treasurer and candidate:  “Thanks for believing in me.”

Told you:  Josh is imaginative on all counts.

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