If you recently tried to read our story about JobsOhio’s disappointing third quarter report you may have noticed that the link to the report no longer works.   That because JobsOhio removed the original report and replaced it with a new, modified version of the document.

The first file had a create date of 11/21/2013 at 3:18:08 AM and a modified date of 11/22/2013 at 3:29:08 PM.   It was quietly released on JobsOhio’s website sometime over the weekend of November 29th.

We wrote about the report on Sunday December 1st, noting that every single metric JobsOhio tracks was lower that the same report a year earlier.   More importantly, JobsOhio decided to completely stop reporting their Return On Investment (ROI) numbers.

Then, suddenly, on Monday December 2nd, the original report disappeared from the JobsOhio website.   It was replaced with a new, slightly renamed file.  The new file had been modified that same day at 1:57:16 PM.

Based on an automated comparison of the two documents, we determined that the document had been altered by modifying the text describing the number of job commitments made by companies in the quarter.

The original document claimed: “Total jobs numbers can vary from quarter-to-quarter based on how many projects involved large employers.”    The new document used this wording: “Total jobs numbers can vary from quarter-to-quarter depending on the size of companies and projects involved.”

The change may have been small, but it’s indicative of the lack of process and control that we’ve seen from JobsOhio again and again.   No real business would operate like this, and yet we’ve entrusted these guys with over $6 Billion Dollars in state money over the next 25 years.

If a Fortune 500 company stealthily released its quarterly report over a holiday weekend, then suddenly took that report down and put up a new one on Monday, the stockholders would be throwing a massive fit.   And rightfully so!

This also raises the question about past reports.  Have any of them been altered too?   Like most things at JobsOhio, we just don’t know because JobsOhio doesn’t include links to past reports on their website.

Links to the two versions of the Q3 report are included below.

Original Version: JobsOhio_Q3_2013-Report

Modified Version: JobsOhio_Q3-2013-Report