There’s a certain kind of legislation that Republican State Rep John Becker likes to introduce.  Like his bill that would eliminate voting on days preferred by African American churchgoers, or his bill that would kick pregnant women and low-income families off Medicaid, or his bill that would force Ohio’s poor to be treated at certain poor-only hospitals staffed by students and interns.  

Oh, and let’s not forget his resolution to impeach a federal judge who “ordered that Ohio recognize the homosexual marriage” of a dying man.

Becker’s bills are very often mean and spiteful, and occasionally straight-up racist and homophobic.   Many are very clearly aimed at punishing people for being poor or black or gay or pregnant, all under the guise of protecting the “liberty” or “freedom” of those who aren’t.   It’s the standard MO of the Tea Party, and Becker takes it to the extreme.

This week, Becker is taking a brake from his nastiness while he looks for co-sponsors for a new bill that would protect the rights of an oft-persecuted class of Ohioans: people who own boats that they use for water-skiing and tubing.

In a letter to fellow legislators, Becker describes the type of horrible situation that his bill would help remedy:

Picture this situation:  You want to go out and waterski with your friends.  You invite 10 people all who say they are going to attend, but then just you and one other show up.  Under current Ohio law, you would not be able to go waterski together.  This bill would make that option available as long as a rear view mirror is readily available and the operator can see the water-skier at all times.

I am introducing this bill to help the boaters of Ohio.  I feel that changing this will make water sports simpler especially on the Ohio River and Inland Islands.  By adding to this current law Ohioans will be able to enjoy waterskiing, tubing, etc.  whether it be two people or more.


Liberty!  Freedom!  Still being able to water-ski even if only one of your so-called “friends” shows up for the waterskiing party that you planned on your boat that is capable of carrying over 10 people!

These are the principles America was founded on.  And I just thank God that we have legislators like John Becker around to protect them.