Back in September, shortly after it was reported that six of the nine JobsOhio board members have serious conflict of interest issues, Board Chairman James Boland admitted to the Dispatch that JobsOhio is seen as a “self-dealing, secretive and unaccountable” organization  by the public.  (Note:  Boland was one of the six with potential conflicts )

Boland denied there was any problem at JobsOhio (“We have nothing to hide here”, he said) and said he didn’t have any plans to provide more transparency or public oversight of his organization to help change the image.

Instead, he planned to hire some new public relations experts.

Today we found out that one of these experts is Matt Englehart.  Englehart was hired yesterday as communications manager for JobsOhio.   He is a veteran of the Bush administration where he worked with ORP Chairman Borges and, according to his linked-in page, he’s also a crisis management expert who worked on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Matt has his work cut out for him.

Shortly after the DDN piece on conflicts of interest, the Ohio Ethics Commission also identified potential conflicts of interest at JobsOhio.   JobsOhio still denied they had a problem.

Then an audit of 2012 financial records revealed that JobsOhio had no process in place to check for conflicts of interest and, along with another audit, it was also discovered that JobsOhio had no documentation to back up over $1 Million in payments.

JobsOhio called these “minor discrepancies”.

And just this past weekend, JobsOhio released their Q3 2013 report that showed lower results on every single metric compared to 2012 Q3.    And the results of their secret ROI formula appear to have been so bad that they were just eliminated completely from the latest report.

Big conflict of interest issues.  Lots of missing money.  All from an organization that is underperforming the state-run organization it replaced, and getting worse every quarter…

Welcome back to Ohio, Matt.  And best of luck finding enough lipstick to make this pig in crisis look pretty.

  • carrieee4

    Really they need a crisis manager?I’ll save Ohio money. Just get rid of the crisis.. Easy peasy close down Jobs Ohio. They are making things worse not better and they have mismanaged the money pure and simple. I know of no one who thinks Jobs Ohio is a good thing. NO ONE! GIve me one person who has not benefited from Jobs somehow that feels it is a good thingl One person that’s all. And after you find him ask why? I’ll bet if there is one person they won’t be able to reasonably support their opinion.

  • jr6020

    If you read the CD and PD you would think RobsOhio is a big success…who will the voters believe??? I am NOT hopeful…

  • dmoore2222

    Agreed. So the only way this is going to be seriously exposed is for it to be a major campaign issue barring, of course, someone on the inside blowing the horn. Fitzgerald needs to emphasize what a million dollars would mean to a small town whose funding was cut and lost policemen and firemen, or to a school district that had to lay off teachers. He needs to make the case that THE most important plank of Toxic John’s political platform, jobs, is an epic fail, with money being wasted and unaccounted for, all while Ohio’s unemployment rate is going up and job numbers are worse under his watch.

  • dmoore2222

    Let’s not forget this is John Kasich’s doing. All responsibility begins and ends with him. There should be no “others made mistakes.”

  • Retrofuturistic

    In other words, they’re robbing us and lying about doing it. But instead of fixing it, they’re going to hire someone who’s a Really Good Liar who will make us feel better about what’s happening….

  • dmoore2222

    They’re in cover up mode now. This is what gets most of these liars prosecuted moreso than the wrongdoing itself. They’ll start throwing underlings under the bus who’ll then pull out their cell phones and begin telling everything they know (pics included). This should be really entertaining. Get out the popcorn!

  • Sapphire Jones

    Toss out the Republicans like California did. Fixed their crisis.

  • Sapphire Jones


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