Numbers released today by ODJFS and by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Ohio’s unemployment rate exceeded the US average for the past two months.  In September Ohio’s rate was 7.4% and in October it again jumped to 7.5%.   The average US rate is current 7.3%.

The following chart shows the change in the US and Ohio unemployment rates over the past 12 months.    While the US rate has trended downward for most of 2013, Ohio has continued to trend upward, jumping from 6.9% last October to the current rate of 7.5%.



Unemployment Rate For Past 12 Months



  • Retrofuturistic

    Wow, we’ve had a lot of anti-woman, anti-union, and anti-gay legislation plus actions that have been pro-gun, pro-privatization, and pro-fracking— but WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

  • Phoenix Justice

    I bet Governor Kasich is kicking himself for telling the Federal government to go f*ck themselves and their high speed passenger rail monies.

  • kalpal

    The large scale donors already have jobs. The unemployed are not likely to vote Republican and all other problems are sure to be designated as Obama’s fault.

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