Does it seem to you that Ohio has become the captive poster state for the bizarre right-wing bleatings on Capitol Hill?  You need only to cast a glance at the Republican-controlled Ohio legislature –  the Home on the Range for the provincials – to realize that 13 years later, the new millennium has yet to assert itself south of Route 30.

Need proof?

Let’s begin with the State Board of Education,  Gov. Kasich’s appointments have guaranteed us that  public school students can expect to be in the educational thrall  of a Tea Party board chairman,  and a Christian school’s president who mentions things like communism and socialism in denouncing  the schools. In their bubbled realm,  preparation for a modern world is no more than an afterthought.

Then there is Rep. John Becker, of Union Township, in southwest Ohio,  the poster boy of the poster state, who wants to impeach  federal Judge Timothy Black for recognizing  same-sex marriage. We’ve yet to hear from him pro or con on hybrid corn.

Then we have  Rep. Kristina Roegner, the Hudson Republican, a pesky right-to-work proponent, which scares the crap out of some Republicans who fear the issue will again backfire as it did with SB 5, which was  was rightfully buried by outraged union members.

Stand your ground? Try Rep. Terry Johnson of  McDermott, Oh.,(pop. 434)  Scioto County, who led the passage of an expanded stand-your-ground law by the House on Wednesday.  Johnson then dreamed up a response to critics by denying that it was a  stand-your-ground law.  Nor are blueberries blue!

Voting restrictions?  Abortion?  Weak gun laws?  Gay rights?  You’ve got all of  ’em here as the matrix keeps pace with the right-wing nut-jobs in Congress while connected to one of  the state’s unfavorite sons, Speaker John Boehner (yep, from the southwest corner of the state. Aren’t many of them?)

I try to avoid the subject of our very own Home on the Range ,where the skies are cloudy on many days in the Statehouse,  when I talk to  out-of-state friends who define the state’s success as that OSU football team that never loses. But isn’t that an incurable  pre-existing condition?