The United Steelworkers released a new video this morning of Mike Cooper, a volunteer firefighter and a recently laid off employee at Ormet.

Mike was starting his 20th year with Ormet when the Ohio-based aluminum smelting company shut down its Ohio factory last month.    The closure came after John Kasich’s Public Utilities Commission announced it would not provide the company a break on electricity rates.

Mike, like hundreds of other Ormet employees, is now without a paycheck and without health insurance.   In the video, Mike does not mince words:  “I got an idea for you Governor,” he tells John Kaisch.  “Put your pants on and let’s go to work.”

The Steelworkers’ website has additional information about Ormet and the shutdown.

Here’s the video…

  • Red Rover

    Any reason why they should get preferential treatment for electricity?

  • Stephen Beard

    There shouldn’t be, but smelting aluminum calls for massive amounts of electricity and states or even countries routinely find ways to help with power costs.

  • dmoore2222

    Wasn’t the whole purpose of JobsOhio to assist companies in situations like this? To at least intervene on the behalf of these companies with unusual circumstances? What on earth is JobsOhio doing with the mega millions of taxpayer money if not helping in some way. Oh, I forgot, it’s really just a political slush fund. That’s right.

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