What can we do about Sen. Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican who is demanding more answers on Benghazi with ugly  threats if he doesn’t get them?   As you may know, Graham is like the ballpark heckler who cares less about the score than he does about attracting attention  to his  pain-in-the-ass howls.

Long experienced as a preachy accuser of anything outside the shade of his state’s palmettos, he now threatens the entire governmental process that was seeded after our victory over the Redcoats.  Warns the senator in one of his Marlboro Man moments, he will single-handedly  put everything passing through the Senate on hold until  his  needs are satisfied with more useless information about Benghazi.  He obviously didn’t get the apologetic memo from CBS that the guy who rigged the so-called scandal admitted that he lied;  Lied, senator.  Don’t you even read your hometown weeklies?     Glorioski!

The poor guy is twisting and turning against a rival in the party primary who already has  demonstrated that fairness is a luxury when you’re trying to take down this senator.  Reports are again being publicly revived in South Carolina  about an alleged closet, which, even if not true, can’t help  in a Biblically-bound  state.

Unfortunately, we’ll be putting up with a lot more of the heckling if he should move on to the November election long after most Americans will not be able to point out Benghazi on the map.

That aside, the bigger question is how Graham can deny the whole country any hope of groping forward when a southern white guy like him won’t let it?  Not pretty, folks, but that’s how the grandstanding  hecklers play their brand of ball.

By the way, do you find it odd that the very political party – the GOP – that has worked for so long to deny uninsured Americans coverage is now complaining that the poor folks  may  have to wait a little longer because of the rocky rollout of the Affordable  Care Act?