The House Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee will be meeting in Room 116 this Tuesday to discuss two Republican voting bills:

Republican State Senator Bill’s Coley’s SB 205 prevents the Secretary of State from mailing absentee ballot applications to Ohioans during primary and special elections, and only allows ballots to be sent during a general election if the General Assembly approves funding for the ballots, which they’ll likely never do.   It also prevents any other official besides the Secretary of State from mailing ballot applications.   

Secretary of State Jon Husted mailed absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in Ohio during the 2012 presidential election. Almost 1.3 million Ohioans cast an absentee ballot that November.  Coley’s bill, if passed, will ultimately end up seeing fewer people voting overall, fewer people voting absentee and more people likely voting in person.

Which is interesting, because Republican State Senator Joe Uecker’s bill, SB 200, will actually lowers the number of voting machines a county must have available for an election based on the number of votes cast in recent presidential election years.    Uecker’s bill changes the current formula, which is based on the total number of voters in two most recent presidential elections, by requiring counties to subtract the number of absentee voters from this number.

Given the huge number of absentee ballots cast in 2012, and with Coley’s bill likely to increase the number of people voting in person, voting machine shortages around the state could again become a familiar sight around our state for the next 7 years.

Later in the day, the Senate State Government Oversight and Reform Committee will be meeting (at 3:15 pm) in the South Hearing Room to discuss two more voting bills.

Republican State Senator Frank LaRose’s bill, SB 238, aims to cut six days off the beginning of the early voting schedule in Ohio.   This bill would not only reduce the number of early voting days from 35 to 29, it would also eliminate the so-called golden week when voters can register and vote on the same day.

Bill Seitz’s bill, SB 216, will reduce the period of time, from 10 days to 3 days, a provisional ballot voter has to provide additional information to their local BOE to get their vote counted.

  • fry1laurie

    “It’s not who casts the votes, it’s who counts them.”-Joseph Hitler

  • buckeyewill

    The GOP wants to turn Ohio into Mississippi with snow.

    It will not surprise me if they decided to burn a cross on the State House lawn and fly the Confederate flag over the building.

  • Think.

    When are Ohio voters going to get fed up enough to quit re-electing ALEC legislators?

  • buckeye15

    Exactly. Joe Uecker isn’t intelligent enough to understand his bill, much less write it. His, along with the rest of these, are right out of the ALEC playbook.

  • Think.

    “Lawmakers” who promote ALEC legislation are not representing the voters who sent them to the Statehouse. If Ohioans don’t quickly become outraged activists against the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC legislators will ensure their continued re-election through redistricting and anti-voter legislation like this.

  • Jo whom

    Until we organize and change the gerrymandering, get used to it. We are helpless until then.

  • Jo whom

    When we threw all our dollars into the Obama hat and not into the gerrymandering fight, we dug our own grave. Yes we have a black president but it cost us our state. GOP RENs the show now so get used to it.if Obamacare fails then gets used to even more tea party GOP nonsense.

  • rhetorical

    There really needs to be a good biography on Weyrich. He was one of the most influential people of the late 20th century that no one knows about.

  • Think.

    That’s what the GOP wants us to think, but we are NOT helpless, and we must NEVER get used to it. We just need to become more diligent and work much harder.

  • Think.

    The redistricting initiative didn’t lose because “we threw all our dollars into the Obama hat.” It lost because of out-of-state influence and lies and manipulation from those “who run the show.” Sadly, some of our Democratic legislators didn’t support the issue, because they were enticed by the idea of being in a “safe district.”

  • Telchar Bladesmith

    Very true, he’s widely believed to be the founder of the Evangelical Christian movement in the Gerrymander Oppression & Profiteer party…..and closely tied to Kasich

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