Last November John Kasich was leading in PPP’s polling against an unknown challenger 44-43.

Polling by PPP released this week shows Kasich tied 41-41 with Democrat Ed FitzGerald.   Libertarian Charlie Earl is currently polling at 6%.

More importantly, Kasich’s approval rating has dropped from 42% in August down to 37% this month with only 55% of Republicans approving of Kasich and 26% disapproving.

The same poll shows Connie Pillich leading Josh Mandel 47-43 in the treasurer’s race.


  • dmoore2222

    Well how smart is a guy who picks a fight (SB5/Issue2) with the most well organized groups in the state (teachers, cops, firefighters, nurses, public workers)? Then creates an organization that’s buys jobs with an untold amount of taxpayer money? Anyone this stupid doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.

  • Have we ever been told what happened to the Jeep Cherokee that was owned by the campaign of Josh Mandel? We’d like to know. We’d also like to know how much time Mandel actually spends in his office since he enjoys touring the state and having lunch with various Rotary Clubs, and local GOPers.

    As far as Kasich goes, he told his GOP minions in the General Assembly to hold off on legislation to make Ohio a right to work state. What do you think he has planned if he is re-elected?

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