On Tuesday, two Tea-Party supported candidates (David Bitner and Kolton Vaughn) for Springboro School Board lost in a landslide to a former school board member, a former principal and a former teacher (Charles Anderson, Ronald Malone and David Stuckey).  The winners ran a campaign promising to return the school system to a “more moderate mainstream direction” i.e. they wouldn’t continue trying to push Creationism and Christian Nationalism on the children of Springboro.

Good news.  And congrats!

The city also passed a levy for the schools with over 75 percent of the vote.  The first levy to be on the ballot in two years.

Also good news.

Unfortunately, Tea Party activist Kelly Kohls and her cohorts on the School Board are still running the show for a few more months, and today they tried to use school board money to pay consulting fees to former Republican State Rep Seth Morgan.

Morgan, you may remember, ran as the tea party outsider against Dave Yost in the 2010 Republican primary for Ohio Auditor.  Shortly after losing, Morgan went on to work for the Koch brothers-funded group Americans for Prosperity.   The organization promotes an anti-labor and anti-public school agenda.

Yesterday, just a day before they were scheduled to meet, the Springboro School Board’s agenda was updated to include an item for approving a contract with Morgan’s company, MLA Management Systems, for nearly $10,000 in consulting fees.

The contract came up for a vote tonight.  We just received word that it was tabled for now.


  • Clecinosu

    Next for Springboro: Tabling Kelly Kohls.

  • dmoore2222

    The voters flushed twice! Good work.

  • Katietoo

    The TP is alive and well in West Clermont. They successfully defeated levy attempt #4 and elected 3 TP-backed Board members. That brings their control of the WC board to 4/5 seats :(. They need a watchdog!!! I’m not confident the local paper will serve that function. It’s going to be interesting…

  • SlapFat

    Glad to see that two people of what sounds like a decidedly anti-education mindset didn’t get the positions they were after. Apparently Michelle Bachmann got her start running for and politicizing what are supposed to be party-neutral races so it’s good we’re not birthing more in her ilk.

  • Stephen Beard

    Funny how people who don’t know jack and care nothing about what children are taught unless it conforms to their constricted world view think they should have positions on school boards. Congratulations, Springboro, for knocking these know-nothings down a few notches.

  • melinda Goldman

    The Tea-Party is done . Now we need to see the cash cow contributes run away too !

  • JackPumpkin

    Similar story in Toledo. The TPS levy passed with 65% of the vote, and the Tea Party candidate for school board came in 7th of 8 candidates (top 3 got in).

  • Katietoo

    I’m very happy for Springboro. We can’t assume the TP is “done” though. We have to stay vigilant. West Clermont will need HELP. Plunderbund?

  • missskeptic

    Delaware County had it’s share of TP candidates: Delaware City Council, and both Olentangy and Westerville school boards. All went down in flames, except for one guy who was the least offensive of the bunch in Delaware. Also, the wife of a State Rep who was also on Powell City Council (and very much into the TP) came in 5th out of 6 and lost her seat. I feel very sorry for the areas where the TP is taking over, but give it one election cycle – most people will be disgusted by their policies and will vote them out, like Springboro.

  • Mark

    After the last couple of articles on PB, I searched the internet for info about this school board. Everything PB has reported is true and that’s a damn shame. This school board is overzealous and out to kill public education, something that has existed in North America since before the writing of the Constitution.

    I’m glad for this community that they soundly rejected the direction their Tea Party board of education was taking them. I hope they can turn things around, but a lot of the damage is already done. Who would want to live there?

  • Mark

    Unfortunately, I think you’re wrong. I hope you’re right that the Tea Party is done with their 15 minutes of fame, but I have a feeling that these people are going to be around for a long time. They have a rabid following that wants to see communities taken apart, and they’ll lie, cheat, and steal to get their way.

  • Good luck Springboro! I hope everything goes well after the Tea party

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