Just when we thought the Springboro School Board race couldn’t get any more crazy, the Tea Party jokers come out and prove us wrong.

NewSpringboroSignToday a PAC called Educate Springboro, run by existing school board members Jim Rigano and David Petroni, began placing signs around town supporting two Tea Party-endorsed candidates, David Bitner and Kolton Vaughn.  

Underneath the candidates’ names appears the name of Charles Anderson, another candidate who has been actively running against the Tea Party folks.


Rigano, Petroni and current School Board President Kelly Kohls have actively controlled the board for the past two years, and they have used that control to push a socially conservative agenda on the district, trying to add Creationism and Christian Nationalism to their schools’ curriculum, while actively opposing any new funding for the schools.

Meanwhile, Anderson has been running as part of a three-candidate team, along with Ron Malone, David Stuckey, to unseat the Axis of Kohls. Needless to say, Anderson is a little annoyed that his name has been used to help further the chances of a bunch a wackadoodle associates like Bitner and Vaughn.   (The website for Malone, Stuckey and Anderson (MSA) is here)

“There’s just no room for the deception,” Anderson told WDTN. “This is deceptive.”

Petroni defends the decision to put up the highly deceptive signs the same way that these Tea Party types always do: it’s not politics, it’s about the children.

Bullshit, Mr. Petroni.    This is 100% about politics.  And you’ve proven that if you can’t win fairly, you’ll try to cheat your way to success.

What a great message to teach our children.

For anyone interested in a first hand account of the mess Kohls and her crew have caused in Springboro, we highly recommend reading this post by Springboro parent David Bowman.