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The lawsuit filed by some Ohio House Republicans and conservative interest groups trying to stop the expansion of Medicaid through the Controlling Board is now available on the Supreme Court’s website.

You can read it here, although we do not recommend it.  We don’t recommend it because the complaint is full of what lawyers call “surplusage;” which is a nice term for “it has a lot of unnecessary bullshit.”

The best part is that they didn’t even get the procedure right.  This is pretty embarrassing for them.  As Marge Simpson says, “Homer! We just got here and already I’m […]

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When Michigan’s semi-private, economic development organization (Michigan Economic Development Corp) faced criticism this week over some incorrect job creation numbers, defenders of the group came up with a great response:  hey, at least we’re not JobsOhio.


The mistakes in Michigan were caught during a public audit of the organization, something GOP lawmakers in Ohio have specifically outlawed with JobsOhio.

As the week progressed, JobsOhio suffered even more bad press.

Just yesterday it was revealed that Kasich’s pal Mark Kvamme, the mastermind behind JobsOhio who left government work to start his own Ohio-based venture capital company, received a 50 Million dollar investment from […]

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With Ted Cruz bounding hither and yon with a deranged look and an eye on the White House, the national pundits and some Republicans are frantically trying to figure out how to thwart the Texas Tea Party senator from doing further damage to the American psyche.

So far as I’m concerned, there is only one new way to understand his madness.  It’s his  ongoing Cruzifixion of  Obamacare and,  by extension, President Obama himself.

The Affordable Care Act is no more than a handy tool to Cruzify a president who isn’t marching to the beat of a tumbleweed pol  with slitty […]

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Kasich’s first appointed African American cabinet member resigned last week. The Dispatch reports that tensions between Michael Colbert, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and John McCarthy, Kasich’s new head of the Department of Medicaid, led Colbert to tender his resignation.

Kasich quickly announced Cynthia Callendar Dungey as Colbert’s replacement.   Dungey is currently the chief of staff at the Department of Medicaid and, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer noted, “also a person of color”.

In April 2013 Kasich appointed Andre T. Porter to head Commerce, increasing the number of African Americans […]

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The Medicaid expansion passed the Ohio Controlling Board in a 5-2 vote, shepherded by Gov. Kasich. According to the Dispatch, the Senate GOP plans to use the savings to cut the state income tax (I guess they’re familiar with my work!1) while a number of right-wing groups plan lawsuits – just as we predicted.

To cut to the chase, Democrats should propose that we use the additional funds to 1) undo Kasich’s $677 million sales tax hike or 2) restore some of Kasich’s cuts to schools and local governments. In addition to being good policy, this […]

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Everyone by now knows that Governor Kasich used the controlling board to do an end run around legislative Republicans and secure federal funding for the expansion of Medicaid.

The conservative Buckeye Institute, the conservative 1851 Center, and “unnamed House Republican lawmakers” intend to file a suit suggesting that the

Controlling Board vote is invalid because it does not represent the “legislative intent” of the General Assembly.

The Buckeye Institute put out a six page “white paper” supporting this novel legal argument.

“Novel” is polite lawyer speak for “stupid.”

It’s more like a version of the Chewbacca Defense:

I have […]

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Although Ted Cruz’s forty-third birthday is still a few months away on Dec. 22, it is already playing havoc with Republican planners accustomed to scheduling the traditional Lincoln Day Dinners in February. These celebratory  events must now be converted into Cruz Day Dinners just three days before Christmas for the Tea Partyers but at the risk of being accused by Bill O’Reilly  of  downgrading Jesus (Who appears on his speed dial!) as a 47 percenter.  As one county chairman was heard to mutter: “Jesus or Cruz?  It’s damned tough being a Republican these days.”

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The Heritage Foundation released yet another right-wing “study” of exchange prices. The only compliment that I have for it is that its fallacies are more transparent than in other right-wing “studies”.

Ultimately, if you want to know what exchange insurance will cost, you should go to

1. They ignore the uninsured entirely. They’re talking about the existing individual market; that is, people who don’t get employer-provided coverage and buy plans directly from insurance companies. That’s about 6% of the population.

There’s another 18% of the population who is in the individual market but can’t afford a plan. […]

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On October 2nd, John Kasich’s Public Utilities Commission announced it would not provide aluminum smelting company Ormet a break on electricity rates.

The following week the company announced it would be closing its doors, laying off the last 700 of the over 1000 workers Ormet employed at its peak.

Kasich Spokesman Rob Nichols quickly tried to shift the blame to someone other than the Governor of Ohio.

First up: West Virginia!

On multiple occasions Nichols noted that a lot of Ormet’s employees actually live in West Virginia so, of course, the whole Ohio-electricity-rate-related-problem is clearly WV’s fault.

The press and […]

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Fact-checkers silenced by threats

On October 18, 2013 By

A little over a week ago, we posted about a video that surfaced regarding the school board race in the Olentangy Local School District.  You can read that post here (recommended before reading on).

The video that was referenced was posted by a group named Olentangy United trying to inform voters in Olentangy about connections to the Springboro School District.  As such, a group of independent individuals from the Olentangy Schools area had begun the process of fact-checking the video for the purpose of confirming the details contained within.  Unfortunately, that fact-checking was silenced by threats.

The group, ONE Olentangy, […]

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As the failed outcries for (extralegal) impeachment arose at the Tea Party rallies during the government shutdown, they spawned a new movement among some of the president’s loudest critics to make being black a preexisting condition that would qualify as an impeachable offense.

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