Everyone in Ohio needs to read  Collective Bargaining and The Battle of Ohio, wonderful new book from University of Cincinnati Professor John McNay that provides a detailed history of Senate Bill 5, John Kasich’s anti-union initiative that was overwhelmingly overturned by voters in November 2011.


Next Friday, November 8th, will be the two year anniversary of the day Ohioans came together and said “Hell no!” to Kasich and his Republican allies and their attempt to strip collective bargaining rights from Ohio’s police officers, fire fighters, teachers, college professors and other public workers.

In honor of this anniversary, we are teaming up with Professor McNay to give away four copies of his book.    And all you need to do is tell us your Senate Bill 5 story.

Did you attend the rallies?   Canvas your neighbors to vote NO on Issue 2 – the ballot initiative to overturn SB5?  Or even just show up to vote?   We’d like to hear your stories about SB5 – about the rallies, the campaign to overturn the bill, or even just about how SB5 would have impacted  you.

We’d like to hear your stories and see your photos and videos.

For example, I remember Halloween in October 2011, as the fight for votes was in full swing, that I sat down and carved this pumpkin with my kids.


And who can forget the sound of bagpipes as Ohio’s firefighters crowded the streets of Downtown Columbus to protest SB5…

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