From the daily archives: Monday, October 28, 2013

Everyone in Ohio needs to read  Collective Bargaining and The Battle of Ohio, a wonderful new book from University of Cincinnati Professor John McNay that provides a detailed history of Senate Bill 5, John Kasich’s anti-union initiative that was overwhelmingly overturned by voters in November 2011.

Next Friday, November 8th, will be the two year anniversary of the day Ohioans came together and said “Hell no!” to Kasich and his Republican allies and their attempt to strip collective bargaining rights from Ohio’s police officers, fire fighters, teachers, college professors and other public workers.

In honor of this anniversary, we […]

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Let us begin the week in Beautiful Ohio with a squinty look at the academic/political complex that is the pride of Gov. Kasich. While public universities genuflect to the governor and legislature in hopes of squeezing out a few more public dollars for their campuses, Ohio State University and a private venture capital fund have worked out an investment scheme – private! – that has been exposed by a couple of Plain Dealer reporters.

But only partly exposed because the major players in the deal aren’t talking – enforced silence that Kasich honed from his days with the defunct Lehman […]

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Ohio Tea Party activists have set their sights on controlling local school boards around the state, and they are doing it through deceptive marketing campaigns, claiming to care about “students.”   Many are following the lead of Springboro’s Kelly Kohls.

Last week we reported that Kohls, the School Board President from Springboro who tried to push Creationism and Christian Nationalism into the curriculum of her public school district, was taking her show on the road, training Tea Party school board candidates in the Olentangy district.

Dr. Kohls (she has a PhD in Nutrition), has […]

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