Every time I hear the word “BOO!” – which is rather often now that Halloween is nearly upon us and my kids are constantly drawing and eating and wearing things shaped like ghosts – I can’t help but think of the ever-heated race for Toledo Mayor.

And no, I’m not talking about Mayor Mike Bell and his anti-union relationship with Governor Kasich.

I’m talking about the mayoral race in 2009 that sparked this amazing video…

And yes, in case you wondered, that IS the Columbus Dispatch’s own Joe Vardon, who was working as Ben’s spokesman at the time, yelling back at the heckler.

The only thing that could have made this video any more viral – not that it was necessary – would have been Mr. Vardon taking a page from Ron Swanson’s book.

Jump ahead about 45 seconds to see the scene from NBC’s Parks and Recreation to see what I mean:

Happy Halloween everyone.