From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When Michigan’s semi-private, economic development organization (Michigan Economic Development Corp) faced criticism this week over some incorrect job creation numbers, defenders of the group came up with a great response:  hey, at least we’re not JobsOhio.


The mistakes in Michigan were caught during a public audit of the organization, something GOP lawmakers in Ohio have specifically outlawed with JobsOhio.

As the week progressed, JobsOhio suffered even more bad press.

Just yesterday it was revealed that Kasich’s pal Mark Kvamme, the mastermind behind JobsOhio who left government work to start his own Ohio-based venture capital company, received a 50 Million dollar investment from […]

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With Ted Cruz bounding hither and yon with a deranged look and an eye on the White House, the national pundits and some Republicans are frantically trying to figure out how to thwart the Texas Tea Party senator from doing further damage to the American psyche.

So far as I’m concerned, there is only one new way to understand his madness.  It’s his  ongoing Cruzifixion of  Obamacare and,  by extension, President Obama himself.

The Affordable Care Act is no more than a handy tool to Cruzify a president who isn’t marching to the beat of a tumbleweed pol  with slitty […]

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