Kasich’s first appointed African American cabinet member resigned last week. The Dispatch reports that tensions between Michael Colbert, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and John McCarthy, Kasich’s new head of the Department of Medicaid, led Colbert to tender his resignation.

Kasich quickly announced Cynthia Callendar Dungey as Colbert’s replacement.   Dungey is currently the chief of staff at the Department of Medicaid and, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer noted, “also a person of color”.

In April 2013 Kasich appointed Andre T. Porter to head Commerce, increasing the number of African Americans on his cabinet to 2 of 26.

So how does Kasich’s cabinet break down now in terms of diversity?  Let’s take a look:


92% white and 80% dudes because… yay!  Diversity!

Where Governor Strickland strived to have a cabinet that reflected the diversity of Ohio’s residents, Kasich seems to be striving for one reflecting the diversity of the Ohio Republican Party. 

This data was calculated using data from the governor’s office website.


  • dmoore2222

    Well, when you live in the mid-20th century there’s no way you can imagine life in the early 21st. Keep digging, Johnny!

  • Andy Crawford

    You guys aren’t even trying to be factually accurate any more. Michael Colbert wasn’t the only African American on Kasich’s Cabinet, Andre Porter is also African American. Also, your list of Cabinet members fails to take into account that Orman Hall is no longer with Addiction Services since that was merged with Mental Health, and Tom Moe is no longer at Veterans Services. Awesome “reporting.”

  • Thanks Andy. We got the list directly from Kasich’s website.

    We’ll correct the post.

    In the mean time, you might want to email the Governor’s office and tell them to update their website.

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