Although Ted Cruz’s forty-third birthday is still a few months away on Dec. 22, it is already playing havoc with Republican planners accustomed to scheduling the traditional Lincoln Day Dinners in February. These celebratory  events must now be converted into Cruz Day Dinners just three days before Christmas for the Tea Partyers but at the risk of being accused by Bill O’Reilly  of  downgrading Jesus (Who appears on his speed dial!) as a 47 percenter.  As one county chairman was heard to mutter: “Jesus or Cruz?  It’s damned tough being a Republican these days.”

  • James McDonald

    thats truly a no brainer, cruz will come and he will go as he disappears into obsurity once his role is done. As someone else over time will fill his shoes and do something just as stupid or spout something that makes no sense. Jesus will always be around forever

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