A little over a week ago, we posted about a video that surfaced regarding the school board race in the Olentangy Local School District.  You can read that post here (recommended before reading on).

The video that was referenced was posted by a group named Olentangy United trying to inform voters in Olentangy about connections to the Springboro School District.  As such, a group of independent individuals from the Olentangy Schools area had begun the process of fact-checking the video for the purpose of confirming the details contained within.  Unfortunately, that fact-checking was silenced by threats.

The group, ONE Olentangy, is described as a “collaborative effort of a group of Olentangy residents” whose goal is to “inform the community in a proactive way about local issues that affect our school district.”

Today, ONE Olentangy posted the following:

Upon viewing the video, our editorial team began researching. Near the end of that process, the video was removed from the Internet. We struggled with whether and what we should publish. This was a healthy debate as we continue to determine what type of journalism we want to provide to our community.

In the end, we came to consensus that we want to provide our fellow community members with the information they need to make informed decisions about the Olentangy community, including this school board race; however, we will not post a detailed article about the video for the following reasons.

First, the video has been removed from the Internet. Olentangy United, the source of the video, has posted a new video indicating that the producers have concerns for their personal safety. ONE respects the privacy and safety concerns of all private citizens and, out of an abundance of caution for the safety of others, believes it is prudent not to comment further.

It’s reprehensible that people seeking to expose the truth about the motives and background of those seeking elective office would be threatened to the point of fearing for their personal safety.

You can read the full release by ONE Olentangy at their website: www.oneolentangy.com



  • annekarima53

    Ahhh yes….Hidden Agenda. _Nowhere Man_ Feb 26, 1996

    “Veil relates the story of how he took the “Hidden Agenda” photograph to
    the Organization traitor who supplied him with the database, unaware
    that the Organization is monitoring the conversation.”
    From the people who brought you “24”.

  • Think.

    Beware of angry tea partiers who may carry guns…

  • Retrofuturistic

    So now the bullying and Christian GOP Dirty Tricks have “filtered down” to the local level. I guess the Tea Party figures that since they got control of 30 states on the state level, that now they can move to the local level with the same tactics. And people are lining up to be collaborators.

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