If  you need any further proof of how the Tea Party (nee Republican Party) is resorting to spitballs and corked bats to vanquish the Democrats during this moment of Major League Baseball playoffs,  check out the  exchange between Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on the House floor.

You can find the film clip on the Huffington Post, but by now, I’m sure it’s on a lot of other sites.  It will give you irrefutable evidence that the group of maniacal aliens on Capitol Hill will stop at nothing to get their way, even if it means improvising new rules as nothing more than Hobson’s choices to ultimately destroy the Affordable Care Act.

The good guy in this shameful act is Van Hollen.  He came to the floor prepared to act under what he he had once believed was the existing rule that would allow him to call for a vote on a clean bill. But he was told  by a cornered Chaffetz, who held the gavel, that a resolution adopted by the House just before the government shutdown had placed  any rule change in the hands of the House majority leader, who happens to be Republican Eric Cantor.  By denying any other House member – Republican or Democrat – to move for a vote on a clean bill, it of course, put the matter solely in the hands of the fox in the chicken coop.

Question: If House leaders are so self-righteous in their  desperation to kill the shutdown that they  feel they are on the right side of the planet, why is it so necessary to rely on abysmal stunts that are so harmful to the good name of  dark-alley cheaters?

My answer:  They are arriving on Capitol Hill on mules and the instincts of  Strom Thurmond.

  • dmoore2222

    Yeah. And in their desperation they’re once again trotting out tired old Sarah “hair n nails” Palin at her hysterical best.

  • Telchar Bladesmith

    Has anyone else noticed that while the baggers have been railing and ranting against an imaginary dictator/Royal King/socialist/Marxist/communist/Kenyan/gay/Muslim boogey man ….that they have haplessly and unwittingly created exactly what they “claim” to rails against?

    With House Resolution 368 the baggers have actually created a true DICTATOR by gifting Eric Cantor the SOLE power to call for a vote on a bill to open up the government.

    No democrat, no republican, no independent, no conservative, and no baggers are allowed to call a vote….just Eric Cantor.

    ALL opinions, ALL opposition, ALL votes have now been officially silenced in subordination to Eric Cantors will.

    Wonder of these “patriots” have thought through the ramifications of there actions? What happens if Cantor won’t do their bidding or does something different than what they want? What do they do then? Rig up a different procedure to silence Cantor?

    The baggers are much like petulant children trying to manipulate their parents against each other with what ever tactic they can devise ….except the tactics they are using will hurt the entire country for years to come.

  • Think.

    Voters will deal with the Tea Party reps at the polls!

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