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Pretend you’re a teacher in Ohio.  As a teacher, your job is to educate the children in your class.  You do this through a variety of methods – talking, listening, correcting, etc. – but it always includes some form of assessment of the students’ knowledge.  An assessment takes many forms, but it is always used to gauge how well the students have learned AND is used by you, the teacher, to assess your own teaching and where you may need to reteach and improve your own knowledge going forward.  The way you do this is by looking at the assessments […]

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Mike DeWine’s really bad week

On October 12, 2013 By

Last Friday DeWine’s facial recognition database disaster got worse when we found out that tens of thousands of people throughout the country have access to the system which has some of the worst security in the country.  We also found out it could take up to a year to disable the accounts of people who leave their jobs and should no longer have access to the database.

DeWine’s office allowed the system to go live in June without proper security procedures in place and without making a public announcement.   On Monday, David Pepper released a plan to fix the […]

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